Park Golf

With a concept of "Whenever, as long as possible, everybody with anybody",
Not only design & construction , but also management, attracting costumers and development,
attracting customers and development of Park Golf business.


Park golf was originally devised in Hokkaido as a sport that can be played in any parks by wide range of age groups, now is played in all over Japan.Park golf is a sport for everybody of every generation.

With maximum consideration to environment, we plan an environment-friendly course for maximum fun.We propose the course planning & operation as well as the equipment such as clubs, accessories and playstyle.

General Producing

in order to demonstrate the qualities of Park Golf,
we produce the plan comprehensively that is suitable for the environment & the region.

  • Basic Proposal
  • Course design & Supervising

Golf course planning

How it is used, how the regional condition is, how the financial plan is, and how the future prospect will be are considered
and will be proposed by us.


Golf course management

Regarding new courses and areas that should be promoted, we propose Park Golf promotion & customer attraction measures and also events, etc.


Golf competition & event planning

We value the basic concept of Park Golf ; health, interaction, nature, when we propose the competition & tour events in order to stimulate the course & the region as well.


Products Handled

  • Starting mats, tee marks, course signs, starting order lottery machines, pallete starting mats

  • hole cutters, ball cup lids, Pins, Pin flags, hole cups

  • course signs, ball stands, dust boxes, smoking stands, OB stakes, Under Repair stakes, sand trap rakes, rules & manners panels, safety nets, pegs for nets, Turf guard, Grass fit

  • expendable supplies; golf pencils, green markers, rubber tees, score cards

  • Merchandise by multiple manufacturers are available,such as the popular new model, bargain, original set clubs.

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