Golf equipment & accessories

WAKO Enterprise, Inc.
makes agency contract of wide range of golf equipment
in order to meet the needs of customers.

WAKO Enterprise, Inc. has multiple agency contracts in Hokkaido area with enterprises such as Callaway Golf INC., Callaway Apparel Inc., elite grips, MIZUNO, Two AND ONE, YAMANI, Million Golf, ROA JAPAN(RomaRo Sports), EON SPORTS, Colantotte.If you are interested in dealing with them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also do development of new products as needed.So we await contact, new information from companies that we haven't contracted yet.

(Names of the enterprises listed above are without honorifics.)

In addition, we have concluded a new agency agreement for natural turf sales in Okinawa with SUMITOMO FORESTRY LANDSCAPING Co. Ltd.

Golf Shop


Golf Shop


This golf store is comprehensively produced and operated by WAKO Enterprise, Inc.
We own 3 shops; Sapporo Main store in Hokkaido, Nago store in Okinawa and one in Busan, Korea.

Sapporo Main store is an amusement golf shop that we operate with confidence.
In addition to a large selection of golf clubs, golf apparel, golf shoes, caddie bags, and original products, the spacious Fitting Room is equipped with a club diagnostic machine. We also have a workshop. We will propose the most suitable club setting for you.

Also, there is the Center Symbol that contains photograph museum, Mater's Booth, Classic Collections, which entertain you to spend hours without getting bored.
We also provide support for opening golf stores, so please feel free to contact us.

Original goods

Designing and producing original goods.
Please do not hesitate to contact for wear of team competition or souvenir for anniversary.

  • Golf Club Original Goods

    *Wear/Shirts & Outfits
    *Cap Marker
    *Belt Clip Marker
    *Pocket markers*Socks *Towel
    *Bag Tags/Others

  • Team wear
  • Competition Prize of Golf Club
  • Anniversary souvenir

Development of new merchandise

WAKO Enterprise, Inc. annually participate in PGA Merchandise Show in U.S.A. for research of the latest golf technique & trend worldwide.

PGA Merchandise Show introduces various golf related new merchandise, and we consider making sales agency contract in Japan if it is worthwhile.
In Japan, we participate in many exhibitions to acquire information from various enterprises, and to develop new merchandise on the daily basis.

We await contact or consult from clients.


Major Supplier

キャロウェイゴルフ(株)(北海道地区 代理店) ・Majesty Golf Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido Agent) ・MIZUNO Corporation (Hokkaido Agent) ・Two AND ONE Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido Agent) ・YAMANI INC. (Hokkaido Agent) ・ROA JAPAN Co., Ltd.(RomaRo Sports) (Hokkaido Agent) ・FDR Corporation (Hokkaido Agent) ・elite grips INC. (Hokkaido Agent) ・(株)ミリオン(北海道地区 代理店) ・GPRO Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido Agent) ・(株)シャフトラボ(北海道地区代理店) ・Dunlop Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. ・Acushnet Japan. Inc. ・Black & White Sportswear Co., Ltd. ・PING GOLF Japan K.K. ・PXG JAPAN GK ・BRIDGESTONE SPORTS CO., LTD. ・YONEX Co., Ltd. ・Honma Golf Co., Ltd. ・FOURTEEN GOLF INC. ・WATANABE Co., Ltd. ・(株)イオンスポーツ ・ASAHI Golf Co., Ltd. ・RYOMA GOLF Co. Ltd. ・Globeride Inc. ・DAIYA Co., Ltd. ・TABATA Co., Ltd. ・RIKI Corporation ・Union Gate Group ・Takihyo Co., Ltd. ・Colan Totte Co., Ltd. ・GRIP INTERNATIONAL CO . LTD ・GLEN CORPORATION CO.,LTD ・HANSHIN COMMERCIAL CO.,LTD. ・(株)広田ゴルフ ・IOMIC CO.,LTD. ・ALCO INTERNATIOAL LTD.  Others

Natural Turf Sales Agent [Okinawa]


(Names of the enterprises listed above are without honorifics.)

2-7, Nishi 20-chome, Minami 2-jo, Chuo Ward, Sapporo
TEL:011-642-3322 FAX:011-642-3339